February 2011
Northern California Dual Sport Adventures

John Penton


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The Freedom of the Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle

What is Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycling?

Dual Sport is a term for the combination of a street and off road motorcycle. The Dual Sport motorcycle offers enthusiasts the best of both worlds of exploring back country trails and jeep roads while still capable of using our local street and highway systems. Simply put, this activity is appropriate for those who have an urge for adrenaline rush and excitement. Those who's most intense experience can be considered as swimming nonchalantly in hotels in england are better off engaging in other activities. Dual Sport is an ever evolving facet of the motorcycle world and will soon be akin to Enduro riding with competitive sections offering points for overall prizes. With the ever shrinking availability of places to ride a non street licensed motorcycle, Dual Sport is the wave of the future.

The street-legal dirt bike introduces you to new worlds of adventure, freedom and fun. Whether you enjoy weekend exploring of your local back roads or participating in the growing number of organized Dual Sport events throughout America. Dual Sport events are non competitive tours of scenic areas in our national forests, public roads and BLM lands. The perfect Dual Sport Ride provides the participant an opportunity to view what most of us never see from the highway, and allows access to areas only previously accessible to jeeps, horses and hikers. With a legal licensed and plated Dual Sport motorcycle, there are no more boundaries when it comes to off road travel. The limitations of the off road permit of many states is lifted.

Dual Sport and Adventure Riding

There is a difference between the Adventure Rider and the Dual Sport Rider.

Dual Sport riding is conducted with a mid-sized (250cc to 650cc), street licence, off road motorcycle. The Dual Sport rides are conducted in single or multi-day events that take riders through minimal asphalt, using a majority of fire roads and a small percentage of single track trails or none at all. In many events there are contests of skill that include horseshoes, poker, sharp shooting events or dart games. Points are gathered for each event, and prizes are given at the end of the ride to the highest point scorers.

KTM 450 Dual Sport

Typical Dual Sport Motorcycle - Mid sized 450 or 530 with a street plate, capable of extreme off road trails for several days.

Adventure Riding is conducted on larger motorcycles (650cc plus) and is usually a multi-day, often multi-state or even multi-continent tour. Typical Adventure motorcycles are equipped with side panniers or aluminum cases and are ready to travel long distances either on or off road.

KTM Adventure Motorcycle - norcal dual sport

A mid-sized Adventure Motorcycle capable of long distance multi-day rides.

Adventure Motorcylce

A typical Adventure Motorcycle can be outfitted to ride around the world.




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