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Books and DVD's

A compilation of relevant books and DVD's - Good stuff for bad weather


One Man Caravan by Robert Fulton Jr.

One of the best motorcycle adventure books ever written is the moto-journal of Robert Fulton Jr.'s around the world journey from July 1932 to December 1933. I read this in the hospital during my last heart transplant and COULDN"T PUT IT DOWN!! (he steroids might have had something to do with it)

After graduating with an Architechtural degree from Oxford University, Fulton had dinner with some friends to celebrate his graduation. After several glasses of wine, he was asked what he planned to do with his life. Fulton jokingly replied,"I'm going around the world on a motorcycle".

Fulton woke up the next morning and decided it wasn't a bad idea. Within a two month span he: Obtained sponsorship from Douglas Motorcycles; Planned the entire route by himself; Obtained all the visas; Learned all he could about motorcycle touring inthe 1930's and set out for a solo ride around the world. The rest is history as he successfully did just that. It would be safe to say that Fulton wrote the manual on adventure riding.

A very interesting story from the man that invented the Sky Hook rescue system, the first flying car and the, the bomb dropping training method used for all bombers during and after WWII. It's only a matter of time before Hollywood picks up on Fulton's story and makes a movie.

reviews by Troy Rauh

One man Caravan




Leanings volumes 1 & 2 by Peter Egan

A must have compilation of stories from the pages of Cycle World Magazine. Egan has a very easy to read writing style that has made him America's premier moto journalist. The volumes chronicle his adventures with motorcyles from his college days to present as he goes through at least 12 motorcycles every year and goes full circle with quite a few. He's the guy that always has at least four bikes in his garage - cool ones. I honestly thought my addiction was bad until I read his stories, he makes me feel better about myself. I'm sure you'll agree.

peter egan Leanings




Long Way Round - DVD

A great story of how two relatively famous Hollywood actors are real guys just like us - except they have a boat load of time and money! Great adventure, drama, comedy, and thriller. Two thumbs up as Luke Skywalker trades his X wing for a BMW and his light saber for a video camera. It's good to see that it's OK for a grown man to cry during a ride - I was starting to doubt my masculinity! Their journey down the road of bones puts Ewan and Charlie on my Hero List.


long way round

Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman all cleaned up for a cover shot.



Their follow up Adventure - Long Way Down

Two continents - Two Guys - 85 days - 15,000 miles - great hobby!! The follow up story about the trek to the tip of the African continent.

long way down


Ewan and Charlie not cleaned up - look familiar? I know I ride with Champagne.



Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rally - DVD

Insanely ridiculous fun! That's all I can say. After seeing this incredible video, Romania is now on "my places to go" list - you can ride an off road motorcycle anywhere! Cyril Despres, Michel Gau, Cristian Pfeiffer and some of the best off road riders in the world spend 4 days ruining their bikes and their bodies. The scary part was: I found myself thinking "I could do that", I snapped out of it and made another sandwich.

A must see for anyone, rider or non-rider. The terrain in some sections is unridable. The man made obstacles are a twisted form of medevel torture; logs, rocks, the teeter totter; more logs, more rocks and zero track through berry bushes (for miles). Try to imagine a 4 day Enduro Cross, that's what this race is about.

Get it!!

red bull romaniacs

red bull romaniacs

red bull romaniacs



The Basshole Lakehead

A Real Beemer


being old


fators suzuki ktm redding ca



The weeds

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