February 2011
Northern California Dual Sport Adventures

John Penton


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Got Plates?

For many off road riders, the ever cherished licsense plate is likened to the Holy Grail of the off road experience. Riders everywhere with new 450's are wondering if they should have bought an '02 or older bike or perhaps a bike that was already Dual Sport fit.

"Oh man, you've got a plate!" is a freqently heard sentence in Northern Caifornia, which often sends many an envious, potential Dual Sporter straight to their local KTM dealer. The reason for this phenomenon is that those new to the area, or newly entered into the off road world quickly realize that without a plate, they're not getting very far.

Obtaining a plate is a long and arduous process which involves many hoops, forms and schmoozing. Fortunantly, plating an off road motorcycle is a very wide, grey area; and depending on who you talk to the process changes on a daily basis. One thing is for sure; as long as you have a dual sport kit which meets the requirements of your state, and you have the right attitude, you can get it done.

For those that have a life, a mortgage, a family and a demanding job, the task of dual sporting their favorite 4-stroke is a low priority, "maybe next spring" goal. For those that fit into this category there just so happens to be services that perform this task for you and delivered your bike with a plate on it. How do they do it?...DON"T ASK, just be grateful that they're around.

Good Luck!


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california dualsport tours



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